safety Protocols

The primary goal of Whatcom County Community Helpers is to keep COVID-19 from spreading throughout our county. We do not want our good intentions to turn into a nightmare! There is an inherent risk whenever we venture into public. Healthy Helpers need to be very mindful of their actions while taking care of tasks for our Neighbors in Need and our Neighbors in Need must also be cautious of protecting our Healthy Helpers so they can continue playing their critical role in our organization.


Healthy Helpers MUST wear a mask and have sanitizing gel or wipes on hand to be sent on a task. Healthy Helpers should always opt to use the drive-thru for picking up prescriptions or completing other errands if this option is available. It is important that you assume everything you touch in public may be contaminated with Covid-19 - make an effort not to touch anything you don’t intend to buy. Keep sanitizing gel or wipes with you at all times and use them frequently. Wipe clean door handles, shopping carts, touch screens and payment stations before using and use sanitizer on your hands once you leave any public location. Sanitize again before handling purchased items at home and use the safety protocols described in the video below.  Protect yourself by making only closed door porch drops to your Neighbor in Need.

Neighbors in need

Please make sure your requests are for things that are essential to your physical well being. It is too risky for Healthy Helpers to go out in public for anything except the important necessities. Exchanges are made via closed door porch drops only. Be sure to wipe clean anything you bring into your home using the safety protocols described in the video below.

use electronic payment

We recommend Healthy Helpers and Neighbors in Need use an electronic payment sharing app to exchange funds if the Healthy Helper will be making purchases that need to be reimbursed. There are several payment sharing apps that allow people to exchange funds electronically. We recommend the use of the most popular apps, PayPal and Venmo. The diagrams below will help you set up the app on your device.


If you are unable to use an  electronic payment option, a safe system of transferring cash or check should be agreed upon between the Healthy Helper and Neighbor in Need ahead of time. Wipe down cash with sanitizer and place inside a new, sealable plastic bag.

helping neighbors in need



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