Are you a neighbor in need living in Whatcom County?

Need assistance from a healthy helper?

We offer two ways to seek help.*

Whatcom County Community Helpers maintains a dedicated group for every school district in the county and every neighborhood in Bellingham. Click the link to the left find the group for your area. Each group has a "Neighbors in Need" post in its feed. Leave your request for help there and a Neighborhood or School District Captain will contact you via Facebook Messenger.

Help request form

Our online request line will ask you a few questions about how we can help and automatically enter your information into our database. You should receive a call, text or email from us within 24 hours.


If you know someone who doesn't have computer/internet access or does not speak English, please call our hotline at 360.778.2762. Leave a detailed voicemail message including your name, address, phone number or email address and details about how we can help. Dispatchers will enter your information into our database and you should receive a call, text or email from us within 24 hours. Interpreters fluent in multiple languages are standing by.


Neighbors in Need are required to follow our safety protocols when receiving assistance from a Healthy Helper. Please review our safety protocols using the provided link.


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