Whatcom County Community Helpers is a nonpartisan, nodenominational grassroots group of volunteers created to protect our community from the Covid-19 pandemic by connecting Neighbors in Need with Healthy Helpers who complete essential tasks like food and prescription delivery. Founded as a Facebook group on March 13, 2020 by Bellingham resident Sandi Heinrich, the movement quickly grew from one group for residents of Bellingham to thirty-four dedicated groups covering every neighborhood in Bellingham and every school district in Whatcom County. Together with a talented admin team and a small army of volunteers managing a variety of tasks, Whatcom County Community Helpers protects our community from unnecessary spread of the Covid-19 virus by using strict safety protocols to meet the needs of our most vulnerable neighbors.



Founder/Head Cheerleader

As a natural born leader, organizer and mother hen, it occurred to me that vulnerable people in my community would need support from their neighbors throughout the Covid-19 crisis. I started this movement with no concept that it would take on a life of its own but quickly realized it wasn’t just the most vulnerable among us that would need physical help- the rest of us needed help with HOPE. With hope as a motivator, the membership of the movement grew into the thousands within days and in the midst of its growth, I managed to cobble together the incredibly talented admin team you see here. Together we created a multi-faceted system for taking in requests for assistance from Neighbors In Need and matching them with Healthy Helpers to accommodate those requests. Everyday I have the pleasure of witnessing beautiful acts of compassion occur and feel truly blessed to be part of this team of dedicated volunteers.

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Admin/Papa Tech

It is my mission to be an enthusiastic encourager who generously cares for and serves my community. I have made it my life's work with over thirty years of nonprofit experience to do just that. I am married to an amazing woman, have 6 grandkids and have lived in Bellingham since 2010. We love hiking and enjoying time downtown with our friends!



Admin/GIF Master

Through my profession as a licensed mental health counselor for underserved populations, my primary goal is to reduce stigma toward those who need help. I believe that we all need assistance, for various reasons, at some points in our lives -- and I believe it is our own vulnerability which allows us to be remarkably effective at helping others. While the coronavirus has been tragic for many and difficult for all, I'm grateful to witness the beautiful way our community has taken care of each other. (And my two cats, Luna and Calliope, are grateful for my quarantine!) I hope to be of service to Whatcom County for many years to come.



Admin/Voice of Reason

As a lifelong resident of Whatcom County, I have deep roots here and am passionate about serving, connecting and engaging our community. Growing up my youth group made it a priority to volunteer.  This fueled a love for non-profit work that has continued throughout my life. I have both volunteered and worked for many community service organizations.  During difficult times in my life I reached out for help from these agencies and felt the support and protection of a strong community with amazing resources and caring people. I believe increasing awareness and collaboration are important steps to removing barriers and stigma for those in need.  I am happy to be raising my four children in the same loving, beautiful community that I grew up in, with my amazing fiancé that keeps me laughing.  We enjoy frequenting the local parks, coffee shops, restaurants, and small businesses that make our community so unique.



Admin/Tech Ninja

Coder, painter, Cascadian rambler


Admin/Mutton Buster

Bridget Congo has over 15 years of experience in international development, community organization, and social justice work. Bridget studied biology at the University of Victoria before furthering her education at Simon Fraser University in Health Sciences, graduating first class with distinction. Her focus was on Policy and Global Health. She has travelled extensively, including 12 African countries, much of Asia and Europe, and parts of the Middle East. Bridget has held positions in Vancouver, England, Uganda, and with the Canadian Department of Defence in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Her passion for traveling is only surpassed by her enthusiasm to build capacity in others, social justice, and law. She focuses on the social determinants of health model to address global equity and injustice. Bridget is currently pursuing continued studies towards a JD in law.



Admin/Workflow Ninja

Jonas Hunter is passionate about delivering beautiful products and solutions and committed to helping organizations and the people that work within them thrive and deliver on their purpose. He grew up for ten years in India, Japan, Russia, and later lived for three years in Macedonia -- he brings a global citizenship view to his work. He has 20+ years of experience leading organizations, teams, and programs in the US and Internationally and has worked cross-sector in Technology/Telecommunications, Agriculture, and NonProfit sectors. He is inspired by the long term thinking about the generations following us, and how to think differently about things so that we can live and work in harmony with the natural world and each other.



Admin/Flo Nightingale

Helping the community has always been one of my passions and an integral part of my core values of life. Growing up, I have been a part of many diverse organizations. I have assisted the community by helping them utilize resources and provided support especially to seniors, youths, and individuals with language barriers. I have been working in the medical field for over ten years and currently working towards pursuing higher education. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, organizing events, cooking and traveling. I look forward to providing further assistance and support to my community.



Admin/Big Ideas Guy

I recently moved to Bellingham from Oregon. I love the area and its people, and am proud to be a part of the community! I have a BA in history from OSU, magna cum laude. For the last 18 years I've worked at universities promoting inclusion and accessibility for students with disabilities, but now aim to switch gears into nonprofit work. I am particularly interested in social justice and developing technology and communication tools that allow people to support their causes and help one another more effectively. I enjoy the outdoors, cultural events, growing my own food, and a good book.



Admin Scapegoat

My name is Gordon and although I'm actually an antelope, these people you see here must have me confused for a goat because I get blamed for EVERYTHING! I feel so misunderstood.

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